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Sail Wakatobi 2011

This page is designed to provide detailed information for all participants of Sail Indonesia 2011, who will be visiting the Wakatobi area. It is also worth browsing other pages on our site if you do not find what you are looking for here. Pages of our site which may be useful include:

Here is a list of some of the events and activities being planned for Sail Wakatobi 2011:

  • APKASI Seminar
  • Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) Costal Mayors Roundtable Meeting
  • Aeromodelling Event
  • Youth Movement Beach & Sea Clean Up Events
  • Underwater Photography Competition
  • Naval Voluntary Social Event
  • 1000 Bikes Wakatobi Tour
  • Internatioanl Environmental Film Festival
  • Wakatobi Photo Exhibition
  • Sail Wakatobi-Belitong Opening Ceremony
  • Yacht Rally
  • Official Opening Ceremony for the ‘School for Marine Protected Area Management’
  • Local Arts and Cultural Festival
  • 17th August Independance Day underwater ceremony
  • Underwater Wedding
  • Watersports and Activities Competition
Map of Wakatobi Islands; Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia & Binongko

Event Details:

APKASI Seminar
Date/Time:                      27 - 30 May 2011
Place:                              Patuno Resort Wakatobi
Participants:                    Association of Regents
Attended/Opened by:       APKASI Chairman
Agenda:                           Prelude to the CTI Costal
                                      Roundtable Meeting meeting for
                                      Wakatobi Charter II, concerning;
                                      Food Stability,Climate Change &   
                                      Alternative Energy
Responsibility:                 APKASI & Local Wakatobi

Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) Costal Mayors Roundtable Meeting
Date/Time:                       16 - 20 May 2011
Place:                               Patuno Resort Wakatobi
Participants:                     Association of Regents from the 6
                                       Coral Triangle Initiative Countries,
                                       Donor Agencies, UCLG Asia –
                                       Pacific, UN Habitat & others
Attended/Opened by:       Indonesian Minister of Marine
                                       Management & Fisheries
Agenda:                           Commitment to Wakatobi Charter
                                       II, concerning; Food Stability,
                                       Climate Change & Alternative
Responsibility:                  USAID, KKP, APKASI & Local
                                       Wakatobi Government

Aeromodelling Event
Date/Time:                     October 2011
Place:                              Matahora Aeromodelling Airfield
Participants:                    National Aeromodelling Organisation
Attended/Opened by:       Head of the Central Aeromodelling
Agenda:                           Aeromodelling Attractions (planes
                                       & helicopters)            
Responsibility:                  Aeromodelling Organisation (FASI)
                                       & Local Wakatobi Government

Youth Movement Beach & Sea Clean Up Events
Date/Time:                      16 -19 July 2011
Place:                              Throughout the Wakatobi Regency
                                       (Incl. Waha, Patuno, Sousu, &
                                       Wanci bathcaves, Pangulubelo
                                       harour, Mola Bajo Village, Hoga
                                       Beach, Sombano (on Kaledupa
                                       Island), Onemai Beach & Usuku
                                       Beach (on Tomia Island)
Participants:                     National Youth Movement, Bahari
                                       Youths, Sail Participants, and all
                                       local communities.
Attended/Opened by:       Regent of the Wakatobi Recency
Agenda:                           Environmental and Social Voluntary
Responsibility:                  Local Wakatobi Government

Underwater Photography Competition
Date/Time:                        5 - 9 July 2011
Place:                                All dive sites around the Wakatobi
                                        Regency (Hoga)
Participants:                      International
Attended/Opened by:         Indonesian Minister of Culture &
Competition Categories:     Macro & Wide Angle
Agenda:                            Will be implemented between 5 - 9
                                        July. Results will be announced on 
                                        17 August. Photos can be
                                        submitted straight to the
                                        committee, for judgment by the
                                        judges. Prizes to be won.   
Responsibility:                  Governor of Southeast Sulawesi,
                                        Ministry of culture and tourism, &
                                        Local Wakatobi Government.
Download Forms:


Naval Voluntary Social Event
Date/Time:                        15-19 July 2011
Place/Route:                     Wangi-Wangi – Ereke – Wawonii –
                                        Raha – Bau-Bau - Kabaena
Participants:                      Local community
Agenda:                            Free mass treatments, free
                                        operations (circumsisions, hare-lip
                                         operations, cataract operations),
                                         health & religion classes, repairing
                                         and developing infrastructure
Supported by:                     KRI Dr. Suharso, awaiting
                                         confirmation from the Indonesian
                                         Navy regarding the attendance of
                                        the ship; ‘Kapal Negara Sahabat’
Responsibility:                   Governor of Southeast Sulawesi,
                                        Navy, Ministry of Helath, & Local
                                        Wakatobi Government.

1000 Bikes Wakatobi Tour
Date/Time:                         16 July 2011
Place:                                 Jakarta (Saturday) and Southern
                                          Wangi-Wangi (Longa – Liya)
Participants:                       Central & Local government
                                         departments, Sail Participants, &
                                         the public
Attended/Opened by:         Indonesian Minister of Sport
Agenda:                             Implementation starts in Jakarta
                                        (Saturday Bike) and prize draw
                                         winners will be invited to ‘Bike
                                         Tour Wakatobi’
Responsibility:                   Governor of Southeast Sulawesi,
                                        Ministry of Sport, & Local
                                        Wakatobi Government

Internatioanl Environmental Film Festival
Date/Time:                         October 2011
Place:                                 Wangi-Wangi
Participants:                       International
Attended/Opened by:         Indonesian Minister of Culture &
Film Category:                    Documentaries about the
                                         environment & conservation
Responsibility:                    Garin Nugroho (set film) & Local
                                         Wakatobi Government

Wakatobi Photo Exhibition
Date/Time:                        15 -16 July 2011
Place:                                 Gedung Wanita, Wangi-Wangi
Participants:                       K/L/I/D & the public
Attended/Opened by:          Mayor of the Wakatobi Regency
Exhibition:                          Photographs displaying the
                                         natural beauty and culture of the

Responsibility:                    Local Wakatobi Government

Sail Wakatobi-Belitong Opening Ceremony
Date/Time:                        27 August 2011
Place:                                Wanci Ferry Harbour     
Participants:                       K/L/I/D & the public
Attended/Opened by:         President of Indonesia
Agenda:                             Speeches, arts & cultural
                                         attractions, traditional   
                                         festivities, releasing
                                         of baby turtles event.

Yacht Rally
  • Flag off Darwin 23 July 2011
  • Arrive in Kupang 27 July, and in Saumlaki 26 July 2011
  • Passing by 21 Regencies and Towns/Cities
  • Yacht Race Route: Darwin - Saumlaki – Ambon - Wakatobi
  • Participants from many different countries, expected to be 120 yatchs
  • Participants from Indonesia;Kapal Pengawas KKP Akar Bahar & KRI Arung Samudera
        from the Indonesian Navy
  • It is hoped that other Indonesian Participants will also be involved

Official Opening Ceremony for the ‘School for Marine Protected Area Management’
Date/Time:                             27 August 2011
Place:                                     Matahora Village, South
Participants:                            K/L/I/D and the public
Attended/Opened by:              President of Indonesia
Agenda:                                  Speeches and cultural
Responsibility:                        Government of Southeast
                                             Sulawesi, Indonesian Republic
                                             Secretary, & Home Office

Local Arts and Cultural Festival
Date/Time:                         16 July 2011
                                          (after Ashar Prayers)
Place:                                  Lapangan Merdeka,
Participants:                         K/L/I/D. Sail Participants,
                                           Cultural Community members,
                                           and the public.
Attended/Opened by:           Indonesian Minister of Culture &
Agenda:                               A range of cultural festivities,
                                           traditional dance and a mass
                                           breaking the Ramada fast.

17th August Independance Day underwater ceremony
Date/Time:                          17 August 2011
Place:                                  Sombu Dive Site (Wangi-Wangi)
Participants:                        Sail participants, the Navy, 
                                          PolAirud & the public
Attended/Opened by:           Indonesian Minister of KKP
Agenda:                               Raising of the Indonesian flag
                                           underwater (National Television)
Responsibility:                     Governor of Southeast Sulawesi,
                                          DAN LANAL Kendari, & Local
                                          Wakatobi Government

Underwater Wedding
Date/Time:                         24 August 2011 (after 1pm)
Place:                                 Sombu Dive Site, Wangi-Wangi
Participants:                       Sail Participants, International &
                                          National Public
Responsibility:                     Local Wakatobi Government
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Watersports and Activities Competition
Date/Time:                        26 August 2011
Place:                                Waha Beach/Sombu
Participants:                      National & Local Government Departments, Sail
                                        Participants, and the public.       
Attended/Opened by:        Indonesian Minister of Sport
Agenda:                            Rowing Races, Swimming Races,
                                        Winners will be determined
                                        based on the fastest to reach the
                                        finish line.
Responsibility:                   Governor of Southeast Sulawesi,
                                        Ministry of Sport, and Local
                                        Wakatobi Government

Local Wakatobi Government Information Center:

Local Committee for Sail Wakatobi-Belitong 2011 
Local Wakatobi Regency Sekretariat
Jl. Samburaka No 2, Wangi-Wangi, Tlp./fax. 0404-21001

Contact Persons:
Safrin. Mob/cell. 08114001375, 0821196312818
Nadar. Mob/cell. 0811401474, 085756065500
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